YÖDAK will be updating our international student community on important and urgent COVID related issues regularly through this platform during the Pandemic and beyond.

First of all, YÖDAK Board on its meeting 31/08/2021 agreed that the decision of Council of Ministers on "Universities will be commencing in person/face to face education and training for this Fall semester of 2021-2022" will be followed, coordinated, monitored and evaluated as per the standards and guidelines announced by the Council and Ministry.

Secondly, there will also be online Teaching & Learning activities for students who are not allowed to travel due to Covid restrictions on their respective countries. The monitoring and evaluation of supportive online education will be carried out by YÖDAK as well.

Thirdly, YÖDAK will coordinate between the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance on the following issues and update international students as per the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers;

  1. Entry and Quarantine conditions on duration, cost, and accommodation for the new international students 
  2. Entry and Quarantine conditions on the duration, cost, and  accommodation for the existing international students
  3. PCR / Antijen tests requirements
  4. Vaccine status / availability.
  5. The status of Vaccine certificate
  6. The status of Adapass certification

Finally, YÖDAK will be closely communicating and coordinating with VOIS Cyprus in order to keep international students updated.

Posted: Eyl 1, 2021,
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